Sibling rivalry has been around forever. Brothers are always poking fun at their sisters, but one man might have taken it too far when he named his dog after his sister due to a "somewhat similar trait" they share.

A woman named Emily took to Reddit explaining she didn't know whether to "laugh or be offended" by her brother's gesture.

"The dog is a rescue but never learnt its name because it is only about 5-months-old. The rescue said he could change it if he wanted," she wrote, according to the Mirror, before detailing why he named the new pooch after her.

"It is somewhat cross-eyed and I have a lazy eye — that's why he named it after me," she said.

Emily noted she doesn't mind the dog's name that much as over the years she has learned to embrace her differences.

"He just did it as a way to wind me up. My brother and I have a great relationship and love to annoy each other — but I didn't expect this level of commitment," she continued.

David Silverman, Getty Images
David Silverman, Getty Images

Although she took the dog's name in stride, she did note her mom found it to be "rude and distasteful."

"Now my family don't know which Emily they're talking about in certain conversations," she continued. "It has started them saying, 'Who? Cross-eyed Em or lazy-eyed Em?' My mum was slightly upset with my brother for calling his cross-eyed dog Emily after me though. She doesn't join in with calling me lazy-eyed Emily, although my other brothers do and sometimes my dad."

In a bid to get back at her brother, Emily has plotted to make the new dog love her more than her brother by bringing her extra treats and goodies whenever she sees her.

"We live just about 10 minutes away so we see each other all the time," she added. "Maybe if I always bring treats and toys to Emily she will start favoring me over my brother."

Reddit users weren't as forgiving of the brother for the slight dig.

"I am 22-years-old and I also have a lazy eye, and honestly, it would kind of hurt my feelings if my brother named his dog after me," one user wrote, according to the outlet.

Another commented: "I don’t know if you feel the same way, but sometimes when people address my lazy eye I feel embarrassed. So that would make me feel uncomfortable on some level for sure."

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