Picking out a name for a newborn is difficult, and when you have twins there's added pressure to come up with two perfect monikers.

One woman took to Reddit to explain how her ex is now furious after she named their twins without his input and gave them her last name instead of his.

The 23-year-old noted she and the baby's dad were "engaged" and even planned the pregnancy, with him being the one who pushed for her to get pregnant.

Then, out of the blue he decided to "up and leave" when she was about 14 weeks pregnant. According to her, he all but disappeared.

The duo had "minimal contact" and mainly focused on custody — he apparently fought to have none — so she assumed he just didn't care, which is why she was shocked when he caused a scene after learning she had named the babies without his opinion.

On Reddit, the woman revealed the last time the two had spoken was three days before her C-section. He knew the date and location of the birth but chose not to attend and didn't even visit his children while they were in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for two weeks.

The woman noted he didn't even text her to check in on them, so she took it upon herself to name the newborns.

Gabrielle Crismariu via Unsplash
Gabrielle Crismariu via Unsplash

"Obviously you need to name your kids and so I ended up choosing them myself since we hadn't gotten to that stage," she wrote. "I also gave them my last name since I'll be the one to do appointments etc. and raise them. From his lack of interest throughout pregnancy, I didn't think he cared".

It wasn't until three weeks after the birth when she took the babies home that the dad showed up and wanted to know what their names were.

After she told him, she was shocked by his response.

"He said they don't look like their names and the names are 'stuck up' names," she explained. "He then says their names and his last name, but I corrected him and told him they'd taken my surname. He got pissed and it became a tense situation."

"He demanded I change their names, I said no. He told me to combine our last names, I said no. I told him a parent that fights for 0% custody of their kids doesn't show much concern or care about said kid, especially since there are no physical/mental etc reasons to not be able to parent," she added.

The new mother explained that the dad was upset and began to verbally attack her.

"He told me I was unreasonable and unhinged," she wrote, adding: "I told him that paying child support was the bare minimum and if he wanted a say in their names, he should've shown up/called when they were born and not waited three weeks to even ask what their own kids' names were."

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