Benton County sheriff's might NOT have caught this guy, if he hadn't been driving away from the crime scene so fast.

Just after midnight Thursday morning, a pickup was seen speeding away from Finley Middle School, well over the limit.

A Benton County Sheriff saw the truck and attempted to pull over the driver, 32-year-old Jeremy A. Fannin.  After trying to outrun the officer, he eventually pulled over, but not before a large piece of metal had fallen out of the back of his truck.

Deputies discovered it was a guide for a plasma cutter that had been stolen. Plasma cutters are basically cutting torches 'on steroids', used for very difficult cutting jobs. It was confirmed the guide came from the break in at the school.

Fannin is now facing multiple charges. Shouldn't have sped away so fast, and dropped part of your cargo out the back!

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