It's a story that's making big rounds on social media, especially due to the picture.

Moses Lake Police and the Grant County Sheriff's Office who investigated last Saturday's bizarre incident say the suspect was so intoxicated he passed out a kitchen table.

26-year-old Seth Estrada walked into the home of a complete strangers, and then proceeded to pass out on the couch, but not before he reached for a baby bottle, likely thinking it was a beer bottle.

The residents of the home told officials they heard a noise, then saw Estrada walk through the front door of their home in the Knolls Vista neighborhood around 10:30pm. The man found Estrada asleep in a kitchen table chair. They called police. When they awoke him, he jumped up as if to confront police. He also grabbed the bottle.

Police said they could tell he was heavily inebriated, all Estrada could tell police was he was an American from Texas and he knew he shouldn't go into other people's houses. He was arrested for residential burglary, according to

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