Business leaders, officials, citizens, sign Open Declaration (Facebook- Newstalk870)
Business leaders, officials, citizens, sign Open Declaration (Facebook- Newstalk870)

A pair of weekend meetings at Island View Worship Center have resulted in a Declaration of "Open" for Benton and Franklin Counties.

The first meeting, Friday night, outlined the Declaration. It stated various points including the following:

"Declaration: Tri-Cities (Benton Franklin Counties) WA Are Open for Business and Worship." 

It went on to list how Gov. Inslee's proclamations are hurting business, infringing upon worship and religious freedoms, hurting education as well as physical and mental helath of citizens. At least 165 people are know to have signed it, including 30 plus business owners, six local, county and state legislators and the rest were citizens.

A network of information spread the word to business leaders, citizens, legislators and others.

Some of the speakers Friday included various business owners and legislators including Mossyrock Mayor Randall Sasser. The tiny town in Lewis County has made national headlines by defying Inslee with virtually every business staying open. The move is supported by Mayor Sasser, the City Council, and the Lewis County Sheriff.

Sunday's meeting, attending by at least 250 people, featured a variety of legal experts, government officials and others who told the crowd exactly what the state is doing with the lockdowns (how they work) as well as enforcement; and the most effective ways to fight back and resist.

Some of the attendees-speakers included Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher and Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond, who said their departments will not be enforcing this latest round of lockdowns. Also in attendence were 8th District House Rep Brad Kilppert, 9th District Rep Mary Dye (North Franklin and Whitman County), and 16th District Senator Elect Perry Dozier.

Also there were Franklin County Commissoners Rocky Mullen and Clint Didier, as well as Pasco City Councilman Pete Serrano.

A 'zoom' digital presentation from The Constitutional Law Group's Donna Rex was also featured. Donnie Landsman, the emcee of the event, told the crowd how Labor and Industries and Liquor Control are being 'illegally' used to enforce Inslee's lockdowns; the excuse they've been giving using Washington Administrative Code to act as enforcers is not valid or even technically legal.

One of the themes of the Sunday meeting was to encourage as many affected businesses as possible to defy the lockdowns. Will McKay, who owns Max Air Trampoline Park on Columbia Center Boulevard, says that state (L-I) has been playing whack a mole with the individual businesses who pop up and stay open. The state thumps them with threats and fines, and they go back "underground." McKay said businesses need to band together to stand up and fight.

We have learned that McKay will re open Max Air Monday, Dec. 14, and the owner of Barley's Brew Hub also plans to re open. Koko's Bartini in Kennewick continues to fight back against L-I fines as well.

These meetings also drew attention from State House Rep Jim Walsh of Aberdeen, who has been coording and working with similar efforts on the West side of the state as well.


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