Due to some rain creating slick road conditions, a driver ended up over a retaining wall in a backyard in College Place near Walla Walla.

 Tuesday afternoon car plunges over wall

College Place Police report they got a dispatch to an area near SE Lamperti Street and S. College Avenue, not far from the Walmart. The driver had been heading east on SE Lamperti Street.

According to Police, the driver lost traction and over-corrected, losing control of their sedan. They veered off the road, down an embankment, and ended up plummeting over a retaining wall and down into a backyard.

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Fortunately, they did not sustain any serious injuries but were taken to St Mary's Medical Center as a precaution. According to Police, some brief but heavy rain in the area mixed with oil and dirt on the street caused the driver to lose traction.

According to the College Place Police:

"This serves as a reminder to the public that after long periods without rainfall, the first rain mixes with dirt and oils on the roadway to create an especially slick road surface."


College Place Police
College Place Police

The driver was cited for traveling too fast for the conditions, a tow truck company was able to extricate the car from the yard, and the vehicle caused significant damage to several fences and a garage.

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