A bizarre car theft finally ended Tuesday night in Pasco, with the suspect being flushed out of some bushes after leading police on a chase. During the chase, the suspect knocked over a victim who was attempting to get their car back.

Around 6pm, police say the suspect pictured, 29-year-old Ray John Schindewolf of Richland, was seen driving a stolen Chevy Cobalt (similar to the one pictured) from near 14th and Sylvester to 20th. and Court.

The car had apparently been stolen out of Centralia. When Schindewolf stopped briefly, the relative and owner tried to force open the passenger door to get in the car, but he backed up, knocking over one of the victims. Pasco police were called and after a brief chase, Schindewolf ditched the car in the parking lot of the Red Lion Inn. He was found hiding in the bushes in the courtyard.

He'd already been identified by Centralia police as the prime suspect in the theft, and the two victims were here in the Tri-Cities, having followed him. He's now facing multiple charges for the theft and possible assault for hitting the victim. They were not seriously injured.

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