Everyone, especially on Monday, thinks about a career change sometimes.  What would you be qualified for?  How much does it pay?  We take a look at 45 areas, and how much money would be coming your way.

Much of your career choice depends upon how much you like the vocation,  and how much you are willing to accept for the reward.  We all know people who put up with crummy jobs, but make good money, while others sacrifice $$ for satisfaction and happiness.  Here are a few ideas and about what they pay:

*A manicurist or skilled landscape worker could make anywhere from $20-25K. (these figures are based upon national averages from multiple employment sources). A funeral attendant makes around $23K.

*Vets, travel agents, dental assistants pull down $30-$35K as do many police officers.

*Law clerks, some flight attendants and some firefighters can pull down low to mid 40K range.

*registered nurses, computer programmers and other tech related jobs jump from the 50's and up.   (now, my sister is an LPN, and I think she doesn't make enough).  To see the list and get ideas, click here.

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