Perhaps one of the more bizarre, almost funny since they got caught, cases of theft ever in Benton County.

Around 4:30 Friday morning, three suspects were seen trying to steal fuel from the Sun Heaven Farms just off Highway 221 near Prosser. The alert workers called 911 and Benton County Sheriff's quickly arrived.

The three suspects, who were from Wapato, sped away, but ran out of gas not far down the road. Turns out 25-year-old Adam Hoptowit, 26-year-old Lee Wolfe, and 34-year-old Mathew Wolfe were all arrested.   Adam and Lee for giving false names to officers, and Mathew for the actual gas theft.

According to Deputies, the three had lost all their money with apparently a lack of gambling skills at Wildhorse Resort in Pendleton, and were trying to get home to Wapato.  They figured they would steal some gas, but were spotted. They were on empty, and this gas can pictured will serve as a 'trophy' of their efforts in futility.

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