Listen up Gamers! It's time to grab a bag of Dorito's, a can of Mountain Dew, belly up to the console, and start working on that resume because Columbia Basin College is creating and launching the area's first collegiate Esports program, and they need a head coach to lead it.

CBC is scouring the planet for a full-time Completion Coach/Head Esports Coach to direct, recruit, and train esport student-athletes who will OP the competition. The program will be located in the Student Recreation Center and will have room for 16 gaming stations with all the bandwidth, monitors, and high-powered gaming computers that would make any clan of professional gamers drool.


Duties for the Completion Head Coach and esports coaching include practice schedules, broadcasting, marketing, strategy, academic advising, progress tracking, and interventions for at-risk students. The salary range isn't bad, with a range of $60K to $69K per year.

Alex Thornton, Director of Student Recreation and Wellness states:

"We know that collegiate esports is growing quickly across the country and we believe starting a program here at CBC will bring many great opportunities to our students. Having a space in our brand-new SRC designed specifically for esports will set us up for great success and should be a very appealing asset when recruiting esports student-athletes to CBC."

There's no TTK so get your application in ASAP. For more information and a list of required qualifications go to the CBC Website.

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