Oh, we love the old C-9 bulbs. But boy do they suck up the energy and skyrocket the power bill. Just how much energy does it take to run the lights!

According to the website theBulletin.com,   it depends upon what kind you're using, and how many.

The light intensity over the continental U.S. increases between 30 and 50% during the holiday season after Black Friday, a fact confirmed by satellite images of holiday lights!

Although some old fashioned purists don't want to part with their big old C-9 bulbs, you might want to after reading this. On average, a typical strand of 25 C-9 bulbs can cost you an extra $15.12 for the duration of the holiday season, on average. Multiply that by 3-4 strands and that's why your power bill jumps up.

By contrast, a similar strand of LED bulbs, usually C-9 size, only costs about $.21 cents! Wow! Other types of LED lights save money too. Running 100 incandescent (regular) mini bulbs costs just over $3.53 during the month period, but the same strand of LED bulbs only about $.41 cents.

But while Americans are really getting into switching to LED bulbs, they're not pocketing the savings. Energy and retail experts say we're using that extra money to buy more lights. Go figure! Griswold that house!

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