According to reports, the offending driver tried to flee, but was "captured" by a number of citizens Saturday night in Kennewick.

 Kennewick Police say a person was walking out of the grocery side exit of the Walmart at 27th and Highway 395, and was in the yellow-striped crossing area when they were slammed by a car.

The suspect driver did not stop, and tried to flee the scene, but they were chased and "captured" by a number of witnesses who saw the incident.

The injured person was taken to Trios ER just up the highway, they suffered a head injury and their condition is not known.

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The suspect was 'detained' until Kennewick Officers arrived and arrested the driver. The case is still under investigation, and no other details released.

It appears more and more citizens are realizing the new anti-Law Enforcement crime laws are hindering officers and are taking matters into their own hands to help.

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