You may have had your Outlook email fill up with crap, but thats nothing compared to the residents from the city of Outlook that are literally buried in crap. Early Wednesday morning on March 1st, a levee broke near the city of Outlook Washington outside of Yakima close to Sunnyside according to news reports. That levee was located on a local dairy farm and when it broke, that water mixed with manure and flooded multiple residents in Outlook.

Now those residents can not use their water for anything until more tests are done about the contamination and the safety of their water. Residents have been told not too use the water for anything, must shower away from town and only use bottled water for consumption. The city is still waiting for the first round of tests to see if their water has been contaminated. If those turn out negative, they would have to wait for another round of test to confirm the water is safe before residents can use their water safely again.

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