The term Progressive Education probably doesn't ring a bell,  but it's been quietly pushed since the last 1800', it's called Common Core.

  We're hearing so much about the Bill Gates-backed Common Core educational program that is of this writing, even being slowly introduced in the Mid-Columbia.

Common Core was essentially created by academics, testing groups, a private consulting firm, and largely, the money of Bill Gates.   While officials try to make it look like state governors and other education officials were the spark, they're not.   Gates is no stranger to progressive and controversial educational, political and societal causes.  He's behind numerous anti-gun initiatives being pushed in Washington and elsewhere.

Some have gone as far as to say he's George Soros with a few more morals and compassion.    Common Core would completely restructure our educational system from the top down, and mix in very controversial topics that have no business being discussed in the classroom.   It was also created without ANY input from licensed, accredited educators or parents.    It is also tied to excessive "data mining," as the student, their progress, personal information and more will be compiled on computer systems - which critics say is a serious invasion of privacy and freedom.

But these progressive education roots actually date back to the days of John Dewey, often called the Father of Modern Education.   He believed decades ago in a progressive, socialist system that prepared students to essentially become drones in a socialist society.

In an article written by Betty Freauf of News With Views and republished in the Tri City TEA Party Summer Newsletter,  Dewey's thoughts on your children's schools was this:

"Progressive educator, John Dewey, often referred to as the “Father of American Education,” argued more than 100 years ago for a standardized curriculum in order to prevent one student from becoming superior to another and envisioned a workforce filled with people of “politically and socially correct attitudes” who would respond to orders without question, which, of course, brings us to Number 1 above. The school is to raise children to be people pleasers."  (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

These ideas began with Dewey, part of the progressive, utopian idea of a "perfect, Godless society".  And now, it's morphed into such programs as Common Core.

Freauf also reports that despite investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Common Core,  the fulfillment of this educational program will, in the long run,  make Bill Gates that much richer.   So as you hear about Common Core trickling into our schools,  pause for a moment and realize A) it's nothing new, and B)  your children's education will ultimately be shaped by ONE MAN, Bill Gates, and NOT qualified educators.  Even YOUR input will not be considered in their learning.

If you question that, then ask yourself why Common Core is slowly being implemented - and YOUR opinion was never asked for?   How much do you really know about what's being tought to YOUR child?


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