Looks like we're going to need to get a box of diapers and pacifiers for a junior college baseball player and the Tampa Bay Rays.

The other night on the ESPN ESPY Awards, Tim Tebow received the award for "Best Sports Moment" for his stunning 80-yard touchdown pass that beat the Steelers in overtime in their first-round NFL playoff game last season. The ESPY Awards were determined by a variety of  fan votes and media input.

Among the competitors for the award were junior college baseball player Derrick Salberg for an incredible leaping catch in the outfield and the Tampa Bay Rays for stunning the Yankees in the final game of the season to win the American League Wildcard playoff berth in 2011.

Salberg and the Rays had some less than kind comments concerning Tebow's win.

However, in the court of public opinion, the majority of comments posted at the Fox Sports website sided with Tebow. As one person put it, "I remember Tebow's play; I don't remember the other two..."

Another commenter pointed out that if Salberg were in the correct position to begin with he would NOT have had to make the spectacular catch; and the Rays also forget that despite their stirring win over the Yankees, if the Baltimore Orioles had not upset the Red Sox that same day their victory would have meant nothing (a Red Sox win would have knocked out Tampa Bay).

Got the website order ready for those diapers and pacifiers?