Connell has been 'let back in' the SCAC (South Central Athletic Conference) playoffs, but a list of self-imposed regulations aimed at coaches, students and even parents could possibly bring legal action.

The WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) told the school and the SCAC it is against state law to ban teams from playoffs, nor can they legally ban parents and fans from attending.

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However, a list of self-imposed sanctions has been placed on the school going forward from the videotaped incident where students were calling two Zillah High girls basketball players names, including monkey comments and racist remarks. These sanctions were handed down by the WIAA, and accepted (self-imposed) by Connell.

That list includes:

No student spectators at events the rest of the school year; coaches and students must take a class on implied bias (racism) before the end of the school year; all Connell sporting events will be held at neutral sites and the school will defray the cost of moving; the school has been fined $1,000; the school must notify the WIAA of setting up a training plan regarding racial equity and diversity for all students coaching staff and District staff (Connell is part of the North Franklin School DIstrict, which includes Othello).

But the most alarming part of this policy is this:

All coaches, parents, and students must take a class on implicit bias before attending any sporting event in the 2021-2022 school year.

So, parents, students, and others who were not at the game or involved in this incident, however heinous it was, are being judged and accused of being biased by association?

It was not clearly stated if the parents are only those of the competing athletes.

It will be interesting to see if any legal action comes about over this policy.


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