The controversial Westboro Baptist church, who last reared their ugly head a few years ago in Pasco ath the funeral of  a Mid Columbia soldier, are at it again.

The group, who are known for their extremist views, are planning to protest at the funerals of the two young Powell boys, who's father Josh made  nationwide news by blowing up his home, killing himself and his boys, Charlie and Braden, ages 7 and 5 last Sundy.  The goup claims America is paying the price for sin, homosexuality and other crimes, and because of Gregoire's gay rights bill, they plan to protest at the funeral.

A rather unlikely group says they will make sure Westboro doesn't get anywhere near the funeral,  Occupy Seattle plans to set up a human chain to sheild the funeral-goers.  Occupy also said they do not plan to disrupt or affect the ceremonies in any way, they just want to prevent Westboro from affecting the grieving.  You may recall a few years ago when Sgt. Pfister from Tri-Cities was killed in the Middle East while fighting terrorists; Westboro showed up but was kept at bay by thousands of citizens, veterans,  bikers and others during the memorial ceremony at TRAC in Pasco.  For a look at Westboro and their philosophy, click here.