It appears a bill that would give state or public employees the right to accrue vacation within their first six months is still chugging along in Olympia.

House Bill 1521 is headed to the House Appropriations Committee this week, having already cleared another preliminary committee hurdle. If it passes this one, it heads to a vote on the House Floor.

The bill, which is raising some eyebrows in the private sector, would allow state and public government workers to accrue up to 8 hours of vacation-personal time right after starting a new such job. Previously, they've had to wait at least six months.  That was the government version of the private sector's typical three months or 90 day probation or trial period for most professional jobs.

Some critics say it 'removes' or lessens the impact a probationary period is supposed to have on new employee, lessening the 'pressure' to perform and come out strongly in their first quarter.

We will keep following this plan as it makes it way through the legislature.

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