Stanfield Police didn't say what led to the attempted traffic stop of a 38-year-old man from Pendleton, but he ended up leading officers on a lengthy chase last Friday.

Officers dubbed him Dreadful Driver Dave, real name, Dave Arnold. An officer attempted to pull him over on Oregon Highway 395 year the Pilot Truck Stop, but he wouldn't comply.

Arnold, driving a 1988 Honda Civic, tried to outrun the Stanfield Police Officer's Dodge Charger, but that didn't work. He then diverted off to a country road, eventually crashing head on in to a guardrail marking the end of the road.

However before he could be apprehended, he spun the car around, reversed direction and sped off towards Echo. He then sped down a gravel road by the railroad tracks, before apparently losing control and slamming his car into a fence. That finally did the car in, so he fled on foot.

His attempts to hide in the 'vegetation' failed, according to police, and he was arrested shortly thereafter. He's how facing a variety charges including Parole Violations, possession of drugs, Driving on a Suspended License, Hit and Run, Felony Eluding and more.

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