They might've been the "popular" teachers at school but now two Toppenish High teachers are under investigation with several serious charges pending.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone that might have any collaboration or knowledge of "wild" parties thrown by Toppenish faculty that involved students, drugs, and sexual favors at these gatherings.

John Cerna and Bertha Cerna have been accused of throwing such parties and are currently on paid leave from the Toppenish School District.

Our News Partner KNDU is following the story at this time.

courtesy of KNDU news
courtesy of KNDU news

According to KNDU News, the Cerna's are accused of throwing parties for students that involved alcohol, drugs, and sexual favors.

Yakima County Sheriff's Department has stepped forward with a statement that they are looking for any current or former students who are aware of these parties to step forward.

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The Yakima County Sheriff's Department is asking for any information about the Cerna's and has stated that if any former students step forward that department is not interested in prosecuting the students for the alleged crimes.

They simply want to figure out the truth that could lead to criminal charges being filed against the Cerna's.

If you have any information, you can call the Yakima Sheriffs Department at 509-574-2500 and ask for Detective Reyna or Detective Cypher.

You can read more details about the case here

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