An initial investigation by the Benton County Coroner reveals the older man found alongside a fence on I-82 East of Prosser this week was there for at least 'four days.'

He was spotted by a driver, lying near a barbed wire fence next to I-82 East of Prosser, between mile markers 83-84.

Investigators and the Coroner said he'd been there at least four days, maybe more. The older, balding man is estimated to be between 55-70 years of age. Was wearing newer shoes, jeans, a dark green lightweight jacket, and black beanie. He had a long white beard.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday, but so far no obvious signs of trauma or injury were seen on the man's body. He had no ID on his person, he remains unidentified. Investigators continue to check missing person reports, according to

Anyone who might have any information, or knows of a missing person who matches this descriptiion, is asked to call (509)-628-0333.