Nearly four years ago, a world wide known billionaire stunned pundits (and the Democratic party) by winning the Presidential election. 63 million votes.

Now, a citizen who's been a thorn in the side of wasteful Washington state government since 1999 is running for governor, with the Independent Party.

Although Donald Trump and Tim Eyman come from different worlds, they share a few common threads.

  • Both are the 'anti-politician.'     Although he's filed at least one initiative almost every year since 1999 (most tax relief related) Eyman is not a career politician. Trump is a billionaire businessman with no prior political experience.
  • Both are seemingly impervious to attacks from government leaders/officials.  They used to call Reagan the "Teflon President" because none of the labels or attacks on him would stick. Eyman has not cowed down to state government, and especially not to AG Bob Ferguson who has waged a 'personal' war against the Initiative King.  Trump has used his wit and grit to counter withering attempts to halt his agenda. Eyman is relentless in his pursuit of lower taxes and accountability, despite attacks from Ferguson, and much of the west side liberal media.
  • Voters are fed up with current leadership.   Much like Americans prior to 2016, Washington state voters are furious with the bizarre and seemingly mind numbing policies and actions of Gov. Inslee and AG Ferguson.  Especially after Inslee supported Ferguson's and others lawsuits trying to overturn I-976 $30 car tabs.
  • The state GOP doesn't have any outstanding well known candidates. You can't run on name recognition only, but honestly, there's nobody in the GOP stable who's declared that anyone has heard of. But EVERYONE knows who Eyman is.
  • He's more than willing to upset the apple cart and shake things up.  Eyman has a fearless reputation, and much like Trump, shows more brass and spirit than anybody else on the political scene.
  • Voters are ready for a non-career politician.  Inslee vanished after the 1994 Congressional blood letting when Doc Hastings crushed him by over 63 percent for his House Seat. He re-invented himself as a West Side liberal, eventually rising in the Democratic Party to Governor. He postured himself as a moderate candidate, then essentially turned his back on his platform when elected. He's a career politician who has sold his soul to the environmental and special interest lobbies, at the expense of the state. He is the ultimate lock-step liberal puppet.
  • Inslee's ineptitude and poor rankings make him ripe for defeat.   Two years in a row, the CATO Institute has ranked Inslee as the WORST governor in the U.S. and Eyman could possibly ride this discontent all the way to Olympia. Voters might side with him as  David vs. Goliath, especially after the debacle of I-976.

Is Eyman Washington state's Donald Trump? Don't laugh--remember what pundits were saying when Trump entered the race? Hmmm...

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