The Yakima County planning commission appears to have reversed it's course.

After voting in favor of a ban on pot stores and marijuana production at a meeting in mid-January,  now the Yakima County Planning Commission is recommending the County Commissioners lift their ban.

The news follows a recent public hearing.  Specific details of that hearing were not widely discussed, but it appears public feedback may be the reason.    The City Council voted to ban the stores outright, as well as growing legal marijuana for the state-run stores.

Yakima is one of a handful of cities who've banned the pot stores,  dozens of others have issued moratoriums on the issue, including Benton and Franklin Counties and Richland, Pasco and Kennewick.  This means they're not saying yes or no.

The Planning Commission has asked staff to develop land use requirements that would regulate marijuana stores in the county.  County Commissioners still have the final say on the matter.