The same group who helped 'break' the Washington State ESD scandal story has filed to get a court order over Labor and Industries' role in the COVID-19 issue.

The Freedom Foundation is seeking a court order in Chelan County, seeking a temporary injunction against the role of L-I investigating and levying fines. Gov. Inslee at the end of May announced businesses who don't adhere to his Phase approach and open early will be fined up to $10K.

However, this violates the Washington State Constitution. May 29th, we reported that Senator Doug Ericksen pointed out the Constitution does not give such investigative and enforcement power to that branch of government. L-I is only allowed to oversee and enforce safe working conditions and related laws in the workplace. They have no other enforcement power.

According to information released by the Freedom Foundation (vebatim):

"The Freedom Foundation’s request for a temporary restraining order will be made on behalf of Slidewaters LLC, a family-owned and operated water park on the shores of Lake Chelan.

Established in 1983, the park is one of the most popular attractions in the tourist mecca. Just as importantly, Slidewaters provides summer employment for more than 150 community residents — and would be doing so now if not for the governor’s order.

Freedom Foundation attorneys will argue that L&I cannot be judge and jury to enforce Inslee’s stay-home edict. Moreover, Inslee cited the emergency powers of his office as the basis for his actions, but under Washington law, a state of emergency can only be declared in cases of “public disorder, (natural) disaster, energy emergency or riot.”

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