West Richland Police over the weekend released this picture of a "person of interest" in several thefts and car prowls in their area recently.

Apparently there's enough similarity between this guy and what they've been able to get from security cameras that they want to find him.  He was seen in a store, appears to be perhaps Walmart or Yokes perhaps, but police did say wearing the mask doesn't make him suspicious--given current circumstances.

It was hinted that the mask has made their task a bit more difficult. Anyone who may know who this person is, is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. Police, again, said he's a "person of interest" not a direct confirmed suspect.

This generated a ton of comments/activity on the West Richland Facebook page. One person not so jokingly said this:

"...As soon as I heard it was recommended to cover your face to go out my wife and I both said it was a great opportunity to empower thefts and robberies. "

Several others also remarked that becoming a burglar, robber or other 'criminal' just got a lot easier.

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