Prison climbs fence to escape prison at Coyote Ridge by Connell (Dept of Corrections)
Prison climbs fence to escape prison at Coyote Ridge by Connell (Dept of Corrections)










UPDATE--SUSPECT IS NOW BACK IN CUSTODY, According to Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Since its dedication and opening nearly 30 years ago the Coyote Ridge Medium Security Prison in Connell has had its share of escapees.

Prison Climbs Fence to  Join the "Jogging Club"

A couple of decades ago, people actually had shirts made up that read various statements, but most were along the lines of Coyote Ridge Jogging Club, in reference to a few rashes of prisoners escaping.

There have been a few over the last five years, but the prison does not house serious dangerous or violent threat offenders. For the most part, it's been a model institution. It's classified as a minimum-medium security facility.

  Latest Prisoner climbs fence to "freedom"

Early Monday morning, (Valentine's Day) 29-year-old Joshua Michael Lanter was discovered missing during routine checks, it's believed he climbed a fence to get away. He was seen wearing tan khaki pants and a white shirt, if you see him do not approach but call 9-1-1.

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According to the Department of Corrections, all area law enforcement officials are working to find him. The Department says he was due to be released later this year:

"Lanter had a release date of September 2022 for convictions from King and Snohomish County for Robbery, Burglary, Malicious Mischief and Taking a Motor Vehicle Without Permission."

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