According to new information released Tuesday by the Washington State Republican Party, and also shared on social media including Facebook, Gov. Inslee's Presidential campaign has cost Washington state taxpayers at least $4 million dollars.

At first, we heard figures of about $580K that had been spent on security for the Governor during his run for President. But now after his latest "state-hopping" adventure, GOP officials say the total cost is $4 million.

The Washington State Republican party has created a website complete with petition, demanding the Governor drop out of the race, as he has no chance. A new graph showing donors and poll support shows Inslee is 14th on the list of 20 Democratic candidates, and he's not receiving any bumps poll-wise or financially.

More and more state based critics, even West side newspapers and media, are calling for him to call off the campaign. Some say he needs to before he becomes the laughingstock of the West Coast.

For those who question why the security is so expensive, it IS a state mandate that the Washington State Patrol provide a security detail (for obvious reasons) for any standing WA State Governor while they are in office during appearances and travels--even if they are out of state or country. These are the folks providing his security while he travels on campaign--on your dollar.

To see the GOP website showing his trips across the country and expenditures, click on the button below.

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