13 days prior to the election, GOP Governor Candidate Loren Culp held a rally Wednesday night at the east end of Clover Island, featuring an announcement that was met with a roar.

Culp rallies are basically like a rock concert, with lights, live band, mixed with inspirational videos and speeches from local, state and even Congressional candidates.

At it's peak, around or just over 1,000 people appeared to be at the event, despite the chilly weather on the island.

Besides 8th District Rep Brad Klippert and Benton County Commissioner Candidate Will McKay, a number of other speakers took the stage, including Culp's campaign manager.

But the announcement that really set off the crowd was a video message displayed on the screen from rocker Ted Nugent and his wife.  It's been no secret in GOP circles that "someone" was advising the Culp campaign with advice and tips (and perhaps logistical support) on how to turn what can be boring events into a fun circus.

That made complete sense when the announcement played on the screen. Nugent has met with, befriended Culp and his 3 minute announcement urged voters and citizens to "restore the Great Northwest and Washington" by electing Culp as governor.

Nugent has been an avid outspoken advocate for 2nd Amendment rights. People in the Culp campaign told us he first got Nugent's attention when he refused to enforce the under 21 semi-automatic weapon "AR-15" ban because it violated both the State and U.S. Constitution. Culp garnered national attention for his stance, across TV news networks, radio, newspapers and more.

Nugent is an avid hunter and has been in WA before, and around much of the Pacific NW.

In both his visits here, and around the state, Culp has cited the actual passages from the State and U.S. Constitution reinforcing his decision.

Culp ended the rally as he always does by inviting everyone in attendance to get into the line so he could "meet them, say hi, and shake their hand."

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