Between 10 and 18 tornadoes ripped through the Dallas area on Tuesday. Homes were destroyed, vehicles were tossed around like rag dolls and residents frantically sought shelter. And many folks captured the wreckage on their video cameras and phones. 

“It’s one of the worst tornado outbreaks we’ve seen in a longtime here in North Texas,” said Larry Mowry, meteorologist at CBS 11 in Dallas.

Preliminary reports have up to 650 homes destroyed. But despite this massive damage to the region, there were only a few dozen injuries, most of them minor, and no fatalities.

This is the first time a major metropolitan area has been hit with tornadoes in a while. And since most people have camera phones these days — and the storm went down during daylight — the Dallas tornadoes are probably the most recorded storms in American history. Videos of the destruction are starting to be uploaded onto YouTube, with more surely to come as residents clean up and get to their computers. Check out some clips of Mother Nature’s power below.

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