Kennewick Police reported Friday a suspect just released from prison was back in custody after removing his GPS tracking device.

Roger Dwayne Thompson had recently been released to a home in Kennewick after a 2-year sentence served for 1st. Degree Theft and some other crimes. However, after being dropped off in Richland for an appointment, he removed his GPS tracking device and got into the wind.

Area Police said he was considered dangerous because of numerous death threats he'd made while in prison towards correctional and other police officers. He'd reportedly said he would kill cops after his released.  Why he was released is what many are asking, but back to the story.

He was considered a "threat to the community," and armed and dangerous.

Kennewick Police, following a series of leads, reported Friday Thompson was located in and arrested by police in Puyallup, WA.  He is now back in custody, and likely facing another round of jail time.

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