Surprise! Two Of Washington's Most Dangerous Towns Are Minutes From Tri-Cities

I grew up in the small town of Clarkston Washington and thought I'd grown up in a safe town but imagine my surprise when I discovered that Clarkston wasn't exactly the safest town in Washington State.

Car thief, car theft

Murder Is Rampant In One Little Washington State Town Next To The Tri-Cities

We are pretty lucky to live in the Tri-Cities but it doesn't mean we don't have crime. The days of keeping your cars unlocked or your front door unlocked are long over. I'm not sure if that ever really was a thing but some of us, remember those days fondly.

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In a recent article from, the 10 most dangerous Washington towns were listed and we've got two of those towns minutes away from the Tri-Cities

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Property Crimes Seem To Dominate In Small Washington State Towns

The surprising town on the list was Walla Walla.

According to the article, Walla Walla does enjoy a low violent crime rate but its property theft rate is substantially higher compared to other towns in Washington State. It does have an unusually high rate of murder per capita which might make you think twice about Walla Walla.


Our next town on the list is Toppenish Washington. It might not be that surprising to some but for its relatively small size.

As the article notes, for a town under 10,000, its crime rate is quite high. It also doesn't help that the lines of jurisdictional lines can be a little murky due to the reservation police and local police navigating the borders of the reservation and county.

facebook/city of toppenish
facebook/city of toppenish

The listings and rankings are just based on statistics and not the quality of life that most residents enjoy in those towns. You can check out more details about the other 8 towns and their crime statistics and the complete rankings here 

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