Pasco police nabbed a wanted suspect sought for various warrants, when they flushed him out of an attic in a home that was just about right across from the Pasco police station.

33-year-old Adrian Guardado was found to be like at a home in the 100 block of Sylvester. Around 8am Wednesday, police surrounded the home, but did not find him inside. A woman at the home, Janell A Ryckman of Pasco, told police he was not there. After securing the property, police announced on their bullhorn they were going to search the rest of the home, including the attic. (wink wink).

At that time Guardado came down voluntarily from the attic, covered in blown-in insulation. That's not all police found on him, he was in possession of what was suspected to be meth. He's in the Franklin County jail on multiple charges, and Ryckman is also facing meth charges.

Police are rather clever when it comes to flushing out suspects, including those hiding in the attic!


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