Criminals can go low and just how low can they go? One thief decided to grab a little girl's bike that was resting on the porch of her house.

The incident went down in Pasco on Des Moines Lane on Sunday. It was a brisk early morning and the suspect decided to detour his way to the little girl's house to swipe the bike.

The Pasco Police filed this report and posted it to their website : Have you seen this guy?

GIRL’S BIKE STOLEN FROM FRONT PORCH: On Sunday at about 6:18 AM, a girl’s bike was minding its own business, leaning up against the family house on the 4400-block of Des Moines Ln, when this nefarious ne’er-do-well spotted it and somehow thought he should be the next possessor of it.

We have brightened up the image a little because it is kinda gray at 6:18 AM. Looks like he might have a tattoo on the left forearm. Officer Jeremy Wakeman would like to identify and speak with this guy, and ideally recover the bike. If you have any info about this case, please call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Wakeman at about case PP19-24818 Theft.

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