The Grant County Sheriff's Office says at least one Class "C" Felony, and possibly others, are pending for the person responsible for this horse's death.

   The horse was unable to be saved

The GCSO reports on June 19th they were made aware of, and observed, this horse being corralled at a residence in the 13000 block of Road 10 northeast of Moses Lake.

Based on observations of the condition of the animal, the GCSO obtained a warrant to enter, search the property, and examine the horse. The 20-25-year-old gelding was in very bad shape, according to the GCSO:

"the spine was protruding, ribs were visible, hips were noticeably sunken, hooves had not been trimmed in some time, hair was falling out and the horse was suffering from pest damage. The horse’s water source was filled with algae, and there was no readily accessible food supply."

The animal was severely dehydrated, and rescue efforts began with Rodeo City Equine Rescue from Ellensburg on June 20th. This image from the GCSO shows Deputy Spurling with the horse during the preliminary examination.

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However, as the horse was being loaded into a trailer it collapsed and was unable to stand up again or support its own weight. The horse was taken to a local vet who determined the animal had been severely neglected for at least a year or more. Due to its extremely deteriorated condition, the vet was forced to euthanize the horse.

Now the GCSO says Animal Cruelty charges, a Felony, are likely pending against the owner and there could be others as well. The investigation continues.

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