Despite the disastrous failure of the Green Economy nationally,  Gov. Inslee is stubbornly sticking to his environmental agenda - putting "clean" energy ahead of economic growth.

Despite the triple-digit and growing number of businesses that have failed miserably (bankrupt - remember Soyndra?)   Gov. Inslee insists his climate change agenda can create a green economy that will spur growth.

According to the Bellingham Herald and KING-5 TV, Inslee plans to officially push a cap-and-trade or carbon tax plan in 2015.   As we have reported before, it's a pollution tax.

The government comes up with arbitrary figures about how much pollution, or carbon, each particular industry emits into the atmosphere, then creates a tax structure.  These businesses must pay a tax to produce their goods and services.   It's all done under the theory that the money will be used to "combat climate change."

Inslee is pinning his hopes on this election, hoping to break up the GOP group in the Senate (The Coalition) who have thwarted - so far - his green plans.  Inslee also wants to implement low-carbon fuel standards, like what's being done in California, which multiple studies have shown would potentially raise our gas prices anywhere from $1.00 to $1.17 - per gallon.

The state Office of Financial Management ran two scenarios about what a carbon tax would do to the economy, and while certain industries such as hydro power and related construction would see modest growth,  it largely ignored the ripple effect such taxes would have on costs being passed onto consumers.

This is where Inslee misses the boat.    Besides increased costs to consumers such as you and I,  he also ignores the fact that new business and industry will be less likely to come here  with all these green taxes and limitations.

Part of the reason a number of businesses have relocated to Tri-Cities and Eastern Washington is to "get away" from the green craziness in King County and the West Side.

Inslee hoping for a Democratic reversal in the Senate is why his billionaire buddy Tom Steyer (the former venture capitalist) is pouring out of state money into Democratic races.  He wants to further the green agenda he thinks is good for us, and Inslee is the puppet he is using to try to do so.

But regardless of how the elections go, Inslee still might utilize the weapon of his mentor in the White House - the executive order - to implement his economically devastating carbon taxes and low-carbon fuel mandates.