So far, nearly a dozen candidates have officially declared they are going to seek the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020. Most of them you've never heard of. Some you have.

But WA Gov. Jay Inslee has the dubious distinction of coming in where few ever have, with -0- polling data. According to and KTTH AM Talk Show Host Jason Rantz, a new highly regarded Monmouth poll lists Inslee as having zero name recognition and zero 'confidence' in his ability to win the nomination or perform the duties of the office.

Of the more known Democratic candidates, former VP Joe Biden is at 29 percent, Bernie Sanders at 27, Kamala Harris at 10, Elizabeth Warren at 7, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and former US Attorney General Eric Holder at 1 percent.  Then, there's Inslee at -0- percent. All from the same poll.

Although we may not know it here in the state, Inslee has made numerous appearances on cable TV shows over the last six months, from MSNBC to CNN. Mostly have been on the weekends, but he's actually gotten more 'solo' guest contributor time than some of the others on the list. He's also trying to capitalize on his being Chair of the National Governors Association. So, he's had some exposure. It hasn't helped.

However, experts say him making himself a one issue candidate (the environment) is likely not going to carry him far. Also, it won't help him once the news spreads about his Gubenatorial performance. The Cato Institute named him the worst governor in America in 2018.

So, you could say he's perfect. Zero in the polls, dead last in leaderhip as a Governor. To read more about the poll, click on the button below.

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