A Vale, Oregon man who died in the wilderness in Malheur County may have been led astray by a faulty GPS reading.

69-year-old Cyrus Wrigley was apparently hiking on an extended wilderness trip leading to Lake Owyhee disappeared, and his body was found nearly a week later.

Officials say they cannot conclusively prove it, but all investigative points show the man missed a turn, and ended up on a remote dirt road where his truck was found. Officials say his GPS device had recalculated, leading him in the wrong direction.

He had been near an area by Succor Creek on the extended trip.  Officials did not say what the cause of death was, but are convinced he got lost and that lead to his demise. Malheur County Sheriff's say it was the longest search for someone in over 17 years.

Some officials say it's likely he got lost, and didn't have enough food or water to survive. The fact that it took a week to find him reinforced that theory.

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