At least $2 million will be refunded to customers in Washington state, payments could reach as much as $5 million!

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Tuesday DISH Network will be returning millions of dollars to customers across the state after having been accused of illegal surcharges.  According to Ferguson's release Tuesday:

The AGO alleged DISH began charging its Washington state consumers an unlawful monthly line-item surcharge in May of 2012, collecting more than $2 million in surcharges.

Hundreds of thousands of Washington consumers were illegally charged a dollar per month for up to eight months.

Headquartered in Colorado, DISH sells and distributes digital entertainment programming via satellite to residential and commercial subscribers in all 50 states, including Washington. From May through December of 2012, DISH charged consumers a “WA State Surcharge” or “WA Surcharge” ranging from $1.00 to $1.09—stopping only after the AGO began an investigation.

  Ferguson says customers will not need to do anything, the money will be issued in the form of credits for many customers,  for those who paid the surcharge, they will be receiving a check that could exceed the amount paid.   In addition DISH will pay over $500,000 in attorney's fees incurred by the AG Office.   Customer benefits are broken down in the AG report:

"In addition, residential subscribers who paid the surcharge, and who are still DISH customers, will get to choose one of the following benefits:

  1. A ten dollar credit applied to their monthly bill;
  2. Two free pay-per-view movies; or
  3. Two months of free access to Epix movie channel (if they are not already subscribed to Epix).

Commercial subscribers, such as bars or restaurants, who paid the surcharge and are still DISH customers and who file a claim will receive a $10 bill credit.

Depending on the number of consumers who file a claim, DISH could provide about $3 million in additional benefits to Washington consumers."

If you're a DISH customer,  the company has set up a website to process claims and provide information. In order to receive these benefits, customers must file a claim with the company at the new website: