If you think finding a job is frustrating, prepare to get even more frustrated.

A new CareerBuilder survey of nearly 4,000 people found that 75% of job applicants never heard back from the employer they contacted.

That astonishing high number is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how people about companies they contact about jobs.


Eighty-two percent of people truly believe a company will respond to their application, even if the firm in question isn’t interested in their services. That means we expect the ol' "We'll keep your résumé on file" letter to show up in our inbox. Companies also need to take note that applicants are customers, as well: 32% admit they are less likely to buy merchandise or services from a company that ignored their query.


Twenty-six percent of respondents said they have had a bad experience when it came to applying for a job. How do you define a bad experience, though?

  • 60% say the employer failed to let them know what they planned to do about their hiring plan following the interview
  • 43% claim they learned in the interview the job is different from what the ad specified
  • 34% said the hiring manager portrayed a negative work environment
  • 30% said the hiring manager didn’t seem like he knew what was going on
  • 29% said the company never confirmed it even received an application


If you are in the business of hiring people, it’s important to remember that the ones you don’t hire can have an impact on your business. Forty-two percent of people who claim to have had a bad experience in applying for a job with a company say they would never look for work with that organization again, while 22% would discourage other folks from trying to land a job there, as well. A truly bitter 9% would try to dissuade other people from buying anything from that company.


A good experience in the application process can go a long way for everyone, even if you don’t get hired. When a worker is pleased with the way he or she is treated, you can bet it helps. Fifty-six percent of people would apply for a job with that same company again somewhere down the line and 37% would encourage others to try and find a position there. Twenty-three percent say they would be more likely to purchase from that company, as well.

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