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According to a humorous study recently, WA State apparently has a lot of people who are either curious about the subject, or perhaps believe it.

Study says WA state is 4th in the US on searches about "flat earth"

BetKentucky is a website that specializes in various types of sports betting, and they've published the results of a study showing a lot of people search for information about the Earth being flat.

The criteria came from online searches that contained any or all of the phrases "flat earth," "flat earthers,"  or "the earth is flat."  The study was conducted on searches made between August to August 2022-2023.

The five states with the most such searches were (1-5)  Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, and Hawaii.

In trying to find out what these states might have in common, perhaps these interesting searches are because recreational pot is legal in all five. However, it's only legal in WA and Colorado, so that theory washes out.

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The searches were based on how many per every 1,000 made online. WA state had the fourth highest rate, with a total of over 235,000.

The states with the least? Virginia, Wisconsin, Kansas, Mississippi, and New Jersey.

According to the study, a recent TikTok post pushing the Flat Earth theory was viewed 4.1 billion times.


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