Boat races are this weekend on the Mighty Columbia River and I'm reminded that without the Columbia River, the Tri-Cities would be a lot smaller population-wise and be more of a desert than it already is.

My wife and I've gotten into paddleboarding as of late and we are loving it.

We've been going out to Finley at the 2 Rivers boat launch and have been toiling around there. It can be a little murky the further out you get in the Columbia and it does make you wonder what lurks below the Columbia.

I'm sure you've been swimming before and have had something touch your leg or foot and it made you jump sky high. I'm sure it's just a fish...right?

It would be awesome if we really discovered something cool lurking in the Columbia River like the famous Lochness Monster.

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I've heard legends of the sea serpent “Colossal Claude” roaming the Columbia River.

"Claude" was first sighted near the mouth of the Columbia River in 1934. "Claude" was noted for having a big, round body and snake-like head. Apparently, he'd been spotted over the decades with the last sighting in 1989.

I'm not sure if "Claude" really exists but what does exist is some cool video footage of what's really lurking at the bottom of the Columbia River thanks to YouTuber Roman T.

Let's go deep into the Columbia River and see what really lies below:

I checked for "Claude" in the video and was sadly disappointed that I didn't spot the legendary monster but I did see some interesting things. I think I'm going to take up scuba-diving after I'm done with paddle-boarding.

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