The Kennewick School Board regularly releases information about votes and policies adopted by the school board at their meetings, and one of them caught our eye.

  Policy 2340 Race and the Curriculum

The KSD board passed a number of policies, but this one contains some important information.

The new policy begins with this paragraph:

"The board recognizes the importance of ensuring that curriculum resources reflect the diversity that exists in the country, community, and classrooms. The board believes that the history of all races should be valued and believes in the importance of students learning social studies, civics, and the factual history of the United States from a non-partisan stance, free from political or personal biases"

The policy acknowledges various aspects of education may have a racial dimension. However, it goes on to say in part:

"Study of these disciplines, including their racial dimension, shall ensure that while students are taught that racism exists today, they will not be indoctrinated in the belief that the U.S. is fundamentally or systemically racist. Moreover, students will not be taught that their race determines their value or worth or that members of any race are inherently racist, oppressors, or victims..."  (line underlined for emphasis).

It also says that students will be taught that their race does not make them responsible for "past transgressions" by their race.

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This language, plus the rest of the Policy, clearly appears to be a stand against utilizing Critical Race Theory.  CRT is a philosophy or belief that the core foundations of the US, its founding fathers, principles, and societal foundation are inherently racist.

CRT pushes for the dismantling of our current socio-economic and cultural systems and goes against established societal, economic, and even religious principles that the US was founded on.  To read the entire Policy for yourself, click here.

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