A Pasco man is behind bars for a variety of charges after a 'busy' weekend, say Pasco Police.

Arnoldo Ortiz-Montes De Oco, age not given, reportedly has a Domestic Violence past relationship with a person who works in Kennewick but lives in Pasco. Police say over the weekend, De Oco allegedly went to the apartment of that person. He was obviously banned from doing so due to a court order.

The victim called 911 over what was described as a stalking-harrasment situation. However, De Oco was gone by the time officers arrived. Then later Sunday evening, he returned to the same apartment, entered without permission and assaulted a different person with whom he also has a past DV 'relationship,' said police.

Again, he narrowly eluded responding officers. But it didn't last long.

After continuing to investigate and pursue leads, Pasco Police finally got him. Thanks to the cooperation between area agencies, Richland Police notified Pasco De Oco had been arrested for alleged DUI. He'd been found passed out asleep around 3AM Monday morning in a parked running vehicle.

Pasco Police picked him up from the Benton County jail, and now he's in Franklin facing an investigative hold for the stalking, harrasment, and burglary issues.

Rather interesting how some suspects make things harder on themselves. As Pasco Police had tagged this report, #StopMakingItWorse.  The Investigation continues.

For much of Sunday, this guy was a bit of a 'ghost' towards Police, but they caught him. For these people below, ghosts take on a whole new meaning. 


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