It's being discouraged, in some areas considered illegal, but you know it's going to happen.  People pulling over to the shoulder on highways to watch the eclipse.

Oregon and Washington State Department of Transportation officials say next Monday, August 21st, best not to head south unless you need to. They're expecting heavy traffic on most of the highways in southeastern WA and northeastern Oregon, due to the eclipse.

According to KEPR-TV, officials say if you're planning to head to Oregon to watch the event, leave the day before. Besides usual heavy Monday traffic, they're expecting (and preparing) for possible traffic jams.

Among the highways expected to be jammed or who could see heavier than usual traffic include close to us:

  • SR-14 along the Washington side of the Columbia River
  • I-82 in Benton County
  • US 97 in Klickitat County

Officials also say don't use the shoulder unless you have car trouble or an emergency. They said given our tinder dry fire conditions, an idling car on the shoulder, if close enough, could ignite brush with your exhaust. That would be potentially horrible, if it results in a brush fire.

 Better yet, join us at The Port of Pasco at 9am for the Total Eclipse of the Port! Families welcome, with music, kids games and more. Free eclipse glasses too! Although we won't get total darkness, the Tri-Cities and the Port will see 96% darkness at about 10:05am.

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