Car ends up down embankment Clover Island (KPD)

We don't yet know when this vehicle was laying down rubber, but it came THIS close to teetering into the Columbia River.

   Kennewick Police were called to the Clover Island Inn on Clover Island for a report of a Red Ford Mustang down the embankment, inches from the water.


Apparently, there was a report of the driver (and possibly occupants) who were doing donuts and laying rubber in the parking lot. Not sure if it last night (Wed) or Thursday morning. Either way, this is what KPD found.

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However, it appears somebody lost control and the car ended up way...down...there.

No word if Police have located the owner/driver. They're actually lucky they didn't end up in the water, it could have been tragic, especially if the vehicle had gone upside down.

Can't imagine exactly how big the tow bill is going to be to get this one extricated, but it's going to cost the driver a lot.

Some people online were speculating the car was stolen and being used for a joyride but that was not addressed or confirmed by Police. We will update you as more information comes out. This person's insurance agent will not be amused, either.

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