There have been numerous stories over the last month about this guy, who's been involved in a number of high speed chases with police. Three high speed pursuits in the last week, this time police got his girlfriend.

Around 2am Sunday morning, near 7th and Morain, a Honda that police knew was associated with wanted suspect Josh Bussell was spotted. The vehicle refused to pull over and fled south on Highway 395 at a high rate of speed, blowing through the red light at 10th and 395. The vehicle sped away at an even higher speed, with police calling off the chase past 27th. after they lost sight of it.

Finally, the vehicle was located in Pasco, about 45 minutes later, parked near the 500 block of South 25th. Then a woman named Kendra Schatz called Pasco police dispatch and told them that Bussell forced her to flee. Then when they got to Pasco, he ordered her out of the car and drove off. Schatz, say police, is Bussell's girlfriend. She's been charged with Felony Eluding and Rendering Criminal Assistance.

The car, which reportedly belonged to her grandmother, has been returned to the owner. Bussell is still on the loose, the search continues.

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