Seattle PD say the investigation is being hindered because few of the people who are camping in the area want to cooperate with Police.

   SPD seeking vehicle that ran over a line of homeless tents

Around 11 PM Tuesday night, Police responded to a popular homeless camping area in Seattle, near the intersection of 3rd and James Street in the Downtown area.

According to witnesses, a red Acura SUV drove up onto the curb, plowed over a row of homeless tents, and then kept going.  This has been a growing area for homeless camping.

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No one was hurt, and says Police abandoned the chase then they learned the tents were empty. However, the SUV reportedly came back. Seattle Police said the occupant(s) of the vehicle allegedly fired shots at the scene but didn't elaborate if they were aimed at the camping area.

So far, SPD has not found any shell casings in the area, and a lack of cooperation from those camping there is hindering the investigation. SPD says they do not have a detailed description of the vehicle other than being a red Acura SUV, with no license plate number and no helpful description of the driver.

The investigation continues.

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