A 64-year-old man reportedly was following his GPS when he entered a bridge ramp that had been closed since 2009.


Officials near East Chicago, Indiana report Iftikhar Hussain was behind the wheel when their car went off a demolished bridge that had closed years ago.

51-year-old Zohra Hussain died last weekend following the 37-foot plunge off the off ramp to a bridge that didn't exist.  Officials say it was nearly a 3 story fall.

Lake County Indiana officials say the ramp is clearly marked by orange barrels, cones, large wooden signs reading road closed, and other barricades - including some concrete stretching halfway across the road.  They're not sure how Hussain even got as far as he did without being forced to stop due to the barriers.

The couple's car caught fire after slamming into the ground. Mr. Hussain survived the crash.

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