A 69-year-old man is facing negligent driving charges after his car flipped Tuesday evening on Highway 395 north of Pasco.

Washington State Troopers and Franklin County Deputies say Charles C. Harris was northbound not far from Pasco when he reached for his cellphone, took his eyes off road, and lost control. His car rolled and flipped, coming to a stop on it's roof.

He sustained some injuries including some to his neck, but none life threatening. However he was taken to Lourdes Medical Center where as of late last evening, he was still being treated.

He was the only one in the car at the time of the crash, which was just after 7pm. Law enforcement officers say reaching for a cellphone, especially if it falls on the floor or between the seats, can be especially dangerous. Any time you have to lean or twist your body, often it causes you to turn the wheel, and especially on the highway, that can have disastrous results.

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