Morrow County Sheriff's are still trying to figure out what motivated a 23-year-old suspect to slam his car into 2 different buildings and a parked car at high speed, at separate locations before the third crash finally sent him to the hospital.

Around 2:31am Saturday morning, Sheriff's got a call from a resident in Lexington, OR that a man had driven a vehicle at high speed into the side of their home. The driver, identified as Jesus Garcia of Echo, OR had to be transported to Pioneer Memorial Hospital. The extent of his injuries was not released. He did cause significant damage to the home. Lexington is just over 20 miles south of Boardman.

Then later between 6:30-7am the Morrow County dispatcher got two calls from other area residents reporting similar incidents around the same time that morning (2:30am). The first caller saw a vehicle hit a home in their neighborhood, then speed off. The time of that incident was just prior to Garcia's crash. The caller had waited til later in the morning to report it. Morrow County Grain Growers also called to report during the night someone had smashed through their gate, hit a parked car and left behind one of their license plates.

When Sheriff's ran the plate, it matched the car Garcia was driving! So he hit the 1st home, left, drove through the Grain Grower gates and hit a car, then finally slammed into the 2nd home, injuring himself. No word on how many charges he is going to be facing.

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